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T2i Approved Traders


Here are T2i's Approved Traders.

Caddy - Dave Wheatley, Co. Armagh (Website)
Crazylegs - John Hickey, Co. Kilkenny (Website)
The King - Emilio Macari, Co. Dublin (Website)
Ratbus - John Knightly, Co Kerry
Shielsy - Owen Shields, Co. Derry
Jonwhite - Jon White, Co. Kildare, near Co. Carlow border (Website)

These guys have many years of experience working on these vans.  They offer full warrantees on any buses or parts they sell, a comprehensive after-care service and their buses are 100% as described.

We do actively encourage private sellers to use this section of the forum.  You don't *have* to be an Approved Trader to sell a bus on here....but if you start selling buses on here regularly we might have a small chat with you about your long-term intentions, and what protection and warranty you  can offer your buyers. :ninja
Whilst we are happy to provide a facility for traders to sell their classic Volkswagens here,  we do also have a duty to protect our members.


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