Author Topic: Selling your VW, a few forum guidelines...  (Read 5244 times)

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Selling your VW, a few forum guidelines...
« on: January 10, 2009, 03:02:50 PM »
Description...there's no minimum length on posting here, so feel free to go to town on your description.  However, at the very least, whatever you describe needs to be truthful and a claim you're happy to stand behind.  Don't forget to tell us how old it is (a common request from a buyer!), and the conversion/model if known.
You don't need to provide a phone number, or give your email address...unless you really want to publish that info to anyone and everyone....this forum has a perfectly good Private Messaging (PM) system, so anyone interested can contact you (and vice versa) without you needing to give out your email or phone number  ;)
That saves you emailing the description out numerous times, and/or giving out private contact details...

Every classic VW has its own idiosyncrasies, what characterful old vehicle doesn't! And the majority of us understand this fact of life and are more than happy to live with them, or work out how to fix them ourselves, but I'd wager most of us would have preferred the seller to mention them at some point too, rather than finding out on your first trip out with your new pride and joy that 'x' will only work if you do 'y' and 'z' first etc., so don't be afraid to mention those little things too, either in your ad, or before the buyer has agreed to buy!

Location/ a basic courtesy to any prospective buyer please include, at the very least, the price you want, and your location. 
That saves everyone wondering where it is and how much you want for it...both all too common questions

Photos....we all like to look at photos of VWs, and people looking at purchasing will be extra interested in seeing photos of any VW offered for sale....go on, post them up'll only need to do it once, and that's a whole lot easier than emailing the same photos 20 or more times to the many people who might want to see photos of the VW in question.
If you have a lot of photos to show, why not pick out a few of the best ones to post here, then post a link to your photobucket album or similar for people to go to if they want to see more.
That saves us all wondering what your VW looks like...

Advertising it elsewhere...good for you, the more exposure it has the large number of potential buyers you're reaching....but don't be lazy, its just as easy to copy/paste your whole advert here, as it is to copy/paste the URL here, and people generally don't want to chase a link around several different sites, many of whom need registration to view, to then find its not necessarily what they were looking for...
For those of us with limited time on-line, and/or bad connection speeds, that saves us a whole lot of grief and annoyance...

Put yourself in the mindset of the buyer....he or she is going to be far more interested in a well-structured, informative advert, preferably with pics, and an idea of the budget needed, than they are with the all too common "vw for sale, call for more info" style of advert...

So, to sum post the ideal' For Sale' advert on here, you'll need to provide a description, photo(s), a location and a price....thanks  ;)

Any questions, or clarification needed, feel free to PM any of the Mods or Admins  ;)
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